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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fabulous Holiday Sweater Bash

Decked out from head to toe in holiday spirit-red bell earrings with matching holiday socks, and an oversized bow on Trav's vest.
I was voted (after marketing myself as the total package)the BEST holiday sweater/get-up. Trav came in at a close 3rd place. Go BIG or go home right?!

This past weekend was filled with yummy food, superb friends, guessing games, hot tamales, charades, white elephant gifts (belIeve, prescription meds, professor's cd's, glass bowls etc.), and MOST importantly UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATERS!!! Wow, check out this crew!! Unfortunately, many friends are missing for they had to excuse themselves to pick up their kiddos. Sorry we didn't snap a candid before bedtime. Nonetheless, are we lookin' hot to trot and stellar or what?! Needless to say, Holly Jolly times were had by all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Traditions and Memories

The true meaning of Christmas

Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation-Clark Griswold and cousin Eddy are both crazy!!!

Mom's and Grandma's homemade chocolates

Chocolate Advent Calendar
Santa really freaked me out when I was a kid, but I love his rosey cheekies now!

Tis yet another holiday season. Every year I can't help but think about the many memories and traditions that I fancy this time of year. Some to name a few are: watching Nation Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, eating my mom's and grandma's homemade chocolates, pecan rolls, and carmel popcorn, and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is soooooooo FABULOUS!!! I love that everyone gives a little more, is a bit more cheerful, and that Christmas music is playing everywhere you go. I love doing Sub for Santa and thinking of the children and family that will be receiving the gifts we give. I love advent calendars. When I was little my grandma Lor got me a chocolate one and every morning I started my day by opening a little door to find a piece of fake, waxy chocolate. I loved the taste and also was excited that I was one day closer to the big holiday. Also, when I was little I was terrified of Santa!! I completely believed that "he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake......" thus, I'd get dressed under blankets so that he couldn't see my private parts. Not to mention, I couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve because I thought Santa was going to kidnap me. Why did I think that Santa was some psycho molester man?!?! Idunno, regardless I got over it, love the big jolly man, and am a true believer!! Any ways, what are some of your traditions and memories? There are so many, so share a couple like I did.....................

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ding Fries are DONE-what a classic!!!

This is definitely a holiday fave!! To get the full effect, MUTE our playlist (over to the right hand side)

Click to play Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

24Hour Stomach Flu or 'Other'-which would you prefer?!


*24 Hour Flu-this is how I feel and am sharing this per Trav's statement to me (see below) For starters, I know this is a sick (literally) and wrong question to ask, however, please read on because I am extremely curious about all of your answers. For starters, along with my 1.5 months of back pain, my health certainly took a mad rollercoaster ride this past week.

*Saturday Nov. 15th: woke up in the morning with a large and painful rash on my belly and back. I thought a bug enoyed a fresh salad aka flesh bar of me!!

*Monday Nov. 17th: while getting dressed I noticed a painful lump

*Monday Nov. 17th 9 am: Dr. Appt. I'm told that I have *shingles and a cyst that must be removed the following Monday!*one of the worst things ever and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy!!!
*Saturday Nov. 22nd: the UTES beat BYU--this definitely boosted my morale!!!

*Sunday Nov. 23rd - Monday Nov. 24th: 3 am start puking my guts out and don't worry the BIG 'D' accompanied it. Go big or go home right?! This took place until 8:30pm-sheer torture I tell ya. I also rescheduled my cyst removal.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and her co-worker was with her. My mom shared my ailments with her and she stated bluntly, "If she was a horse, she'd be taken out back and shot!" In turn I responded, "I wish I was a horse!" :)

Okay, I know that is a lot to digest right?! Any how, as I suffered one of the longest weeks and then days of my life (or so it seemed) with the 24 hour flu, I was thinking to myself would I rather be in this much torture for 24 hours straight or experience the 'other'. 'Other' being sinus infection, common cold, bronchitis-I've had them all. Side note: I don't remember the last time I had a cold, with me it's always a full blown infection, thus, lasts me a good 5-7 weeks to get rid of. I will take this into account upon my decsion and vote for the question I now pose to the rest of you......if you had to chose, would you rather suffer throught the 24 hour flu or 'other' ? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know!!!

I would ask my hubby this same question, but he's only experienced a couple broken bones and strep throat once in his life-he was 7! Maybe this is why he took pics of me crying while in a sickly state as he helped me to bed after 17 hours of throwing up and the Big 'D'. He stated, "you'll love looking at these later-you'll laugh!" Then on Tuesday afernoon he noticed how skinny I was looking and said, "we should all get the flu before Thanksgiving-what a great diet!" Lastly, the first time I had the 24 hour flu this is how Trav and my conversation went:

Trav: What is wrong?

Me: I've been throwing up all night long

Trav: Why don't you stop?
Me: I have the 24 hour flu, thus, it will hopefully stop in 24 hours

Trav: Since when do you get to decide how long you are sick for?! (he was serious-he's NEVER sick and illness is foreign to him-he's learning fast being married to me though)

P.S. can you tell he's never experienced the 24 hour slice of sheer HELL!?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crashing the BSC Party for the Second Time in 4 Years!!! Go Utes!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Need I say more?!.........

I think this picture speaks for itself!Bring it on.............

GO UTES!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's official-I am a 'special' freak!!!

Gotta love my hubby that takes pics of me while I'm in excruciating pain! He did give me a massage shortly thereafter though. Love ya babe!
A pic of normal lower lumbar vertebrae-notice how many........About three weeks ago my back started hurting. I've never had any sort of back injury so I thought nothing of it. That Thursday rolled around and as I have done for the past couple of months, I taught my Pilates class. MY BAD-understatement at best!!! I must say, that was the last straw that broke the camel's back or better yet mine! Any how, I suffered greatly for the whole next week and then finally gave in and went to the chiropractor. "Just RELAX," he says, as he crunches all of my bones and cranks my neck from side to side. Yeah, lying on a table with my little feeble body at his disposal is such a soothing and relaxing thought. Any how, my way of relaxing at the chiro is non-existent! My anxiety is off the charts-p.s. I hate hearing people around me popping any joints, thus, clearly have a phobia of the chiropractor and his mission of 'adjusting' me. My armpits, palms, and even my feet sweat due to the vast amount of angst and nervousness I encounter in his office! Alas, I cooperate and my back is doing MUCH better! In the end, I have been adjusted twice, was told that I strained my lower lumbar muscle and in turn it caused my muscles to spasm all the way up my spine on either side. Oh yeah, I also found out I am a freak of nature and have 6 rather 5 lumbar vertebrae. The more the merrier right?! This extra lumb (nickname) gave me one extra inch of height-per my chiro. I could've used about 4 more of them darnit!! Also, only about 3/100 people have 6 lumbs, thus, I feel extremely fortunate, special, and am oficially a freak!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and the RED RAIDERS!!!

Happy Halloween-I asked Trav for a tattoo and he gave me a lightening bolt. Thus, I guess I ended up being Harry Potter on Crack!
Onto more important matters! We had a bunch of our friends over for the TTU vs. Texas game. This pic was taken during the first half. We were all very happy and having a gay ol' time. How could we not for we were all scarfing down really good food and TTU was well on their way to a victory. Wait, what happened next--TTU pretty much forgot to show up the second half, thus making us all stress out and get down right upset. I believe I remember hearing someone say this particular statement when TTU was losing by one point with one minute left, "that's it, if TTU loses NONE of us are going to church tomorrow-cross yourselves now!" Wait, that was me-I then crossed myself and turned all focus to the game-sweaty palms and armpits, you name it-tense, nervous...... HELLO-Harrell to Crabtree-the famous duo pulled it off with ONE second left!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO-the pic above is my finger giving a TTU is #1 with 1 second left.
This is me FREAKING OUT-boy that's an understatement. All of us were ECSTATIC!!! We were happy for TTU and that we were attending church the next day of course..... Compare our smiling faces in this here pic to the first---we were all superbly stoked at TTU's victory. GUNS UP to the #2 ranked RED RAIDERS!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Fall is such a fabulous time of year. The air is crisp, pumpkins are carved, candy corn is is in full stock at the grocery store (some I've found are lacking in variety), and all sorts of apples are in season. As you may or may not know, apples are top on my list of favorite foods! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! At one time in life, I fancied fuji apples. However, on my mission I began to fancy the more tart apples because that's what back east had to offer me. Therefore, my palate currently enjoys jonnagold, rome, jonathan, braeburn (only when crisp), and pink lady apples. Granny Smith are too plain Jane and Red Delicious are not so delicious afterall! Thus, one apple a day is an absolute must for this here cowgirl! Bon Appetite :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

It MUST be in the water....

As of this moment in time, I have 11 baby showers that I am preparing for. SHEESH-apparently I missed the 'get prego now' memo cuz none of these showers are for me. My time will most certainly come, but until then I am busy planning what to give who, writing down who is having what and when. This is quite the process I tell ya. I feel like I've completed all the shopping for the babies on the way totalling 17 outfits and some extra little tid bits. P.S. If you're one of the ladies having a baby get your eyes off the pic above because one of these little outfits will most likely end up on your baby!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got TAGGED!!!

All things 8.... I am tagged...
8 Favorite TV Shows (in no particular order)
1. The Office
2. Americas Next Top Model
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. House
5. American Idol
7. Oprah
8. E!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. La Frontera-smothered burrito with cheese & side of rice!
2. Maglebys-oh those parmesan rolls are to die for!
3. Marketstreet-UT and TX
4. Rubios-fresh salsa
5. Richs Bagels-Asiago cheese
6. Rosa's-fajita platter and queso!
7. In N Out Burger-YUMMMMMM
8. La Salsa

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Froze my tooshy off in the cold rainy weather!
2. Gave Kendal the finger for scaring the willys outta me-she deserved it!!! J
3. Exercised
4. Went walking in the rain-2 jackets, umbrella, etc.
5. Cleaned my bathroom6. Read more on the $700 billion bailout
7. Broke my paper shredder at work--whoopsies, it was a piece-o-crap anyhow!
8. Shnuggled up to Trav while sitting by the heat dish and watching the tube

8 Things to Look Forward To:
1. Christmas Break in SLC-let the sleeping in, eating, parties etc. begin!
2. This weekend-I live for weekends!
3. 5pm-work is over and I get to see Trav at the rec. before we workout
4. Halloween—I love it!!! Carving pumpkins, baking the seeds, eating endless amounts of candy corn…….
5. Thanksgiving!!! A top Holiday in my book!
6. Christmas Music-Amy Grant’s CD is the BEST!
7. A trip to Mexico or a cruise-anyone, anyone…….
8. Mine and Trav’s Friday night date-dinner, shnuggling, and a movie!

8 Things I Love About Fall:
1. The leaves changing-however, not so much in Lubbock
2. Pumpkin Carving
3. Wearing hoodies
4. The smell of the air
5. Warmth of the heat dish
6. Shnuggling with Trav
7. Hearty cooking/comfort foods-lasagna, soups etc.
8. Bundling up

People to tag: Anyone who wants to share 8's!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The irony of a fun filled weekend...

Linds and Corbo

This past weekend one of my good friends from UT came out for a visit. I know what you're thinking, 'who visits Lubbock?!' Yes, I feel deeply LOVED and had a blast too. My friend Linds came out and we spent a couple days scummin' around local stores, painting toenails, eating candy corn, watching movies, chattin' up a storm, etc. All in all we had a BLAST!!!!! Thanks soooooo much for coming out to visit Linds-you are the BEST!!
Here's where the irony comes into play. We also had another friend from UT visit good ol' Lubbock this same weekend. My old bishop and pretty much a second father to me, Jack, came to town. He visited because he officiated the TTU vs. Nebraska game. Pretty important if you ask me. Any how, we spent a fun filled night with him at the local Rosas and caught up on some good times noodle salad!!! Thanks for the din din Jack Attack-sorry we didn't take a pic! Irony of all irony-I'm sure in the 3.5 years we live in Lubbock, we'll only have these two people (other than fam) visit and weird that it all happened on the same weekend!! The more the merrier aye?!?! P.S. Come and visit would ya!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a SWEET yet BITTER weekend....

A few weekends ago Trav and I had quite the interesting roller coaster of a weekend. For starters, mother nature decided to go crazy on Thursday and it rained for a good 24 hours straight, dumping 9 inches of water into flat ol' Lubbock. Lets just say that I've never prayed so hard for my life as I did while driving home from teaching my Pilates class that night. However, due to the vast amount of rain (record breaking rain fyi) all classes at TTU and work at TTU was cancelled on Friday. Upon learning the heavenly cancellation news, Trav and I were already up and at em' in the wee hours of the morn, thus, we went out exploring our flooded city. This is a pic of the little lake aka drainage system at the end of our street. A bit overflooded don't ya think?!?!
The next morning, Saturday, bright and early, we were scheduled to get new carpet. Yes, after begging and pleading with our old apt. manager for new carpet, she never budged. However, when I found out we got a new manager, I called to ask once again thinking for sure she'd say, "too bad so sad." However, she said she'd take a look at our carpet and then decide. Needless to say, she called right after a quick walk through and was so disgusted and surely felt sorry for us, therefore, scheduled the new carpet. WOOOO HOOOOO-if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!! Any who, this is me basking in the new, lush, lovely, appetizing carpet. WE LOVE IT!!! Trav and I were both sooooo darn happy all day and night long due to the new carpet. I mean, free rain day Friday off, new carpet Saturday....we were on a roll........
Sunday, we get home from church and pull into our ASSIGNED covered parking spot and both remark, "oh, our neghbors got a new truck." There was a foreign truck parked in the assigned spot next to ours and we thought nothing of it. A couple hours later, I ran out to our neon to get something and looked over to see this disaster! Yes, we've had this car-Slick Willy, nickname Silver Sleekness, for less than a month. What the bloody 'H' I say?!?! Needless to say, we were both thoroughly upset and sick about this. The neighbors new truck hit us, or at least that was our thought. Nope, it so happens that it was some yahoo that was in our neighbors spot-a lame, disrespectful drunkard redneck I'm sure. Any how, they are off scotch free and we are stuck paying for this mess. Gotta LOVE people who have no heart nor integrity whatsoever. I hope this individual felt godly sorrow for their actions. Any how, what's done is done and I'm no longer bitter because clearly it won't change a thing. We've both let it go and just know that when life sucks, you must get a straw and by golly get over it!!!
Any how, this is the sweet yet bitter weekend we experienced a couple weeks ago. We are very fortunate and blessed and have been given trials here and there to mix things up. The moral is: don't hold grudges because it'll just make you mad while the situation at hand won't change. Accept it and decide to move forward. Life goes on and cars and such are just things that have no true value when it comes to our true happiness.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Should we get DVR?!

I have wanted this technological miracle for quite some time now. Yes I've dreamed about having it, but no I haven't wanted to pay for it. Any how, now that I am a fitness instrucor at the TTU rec. center I guess I can justify spending money on this little slice of heaven (even though Trav keeps telling me just to get it and no justification is necessary). I guess I'm just a cheap wad and don't want to fork out the dough. Any how, what do you think---- thoughts, comments and opinions are ALL WELCOME and MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Moley(s)

This is a picture of: A) the biggest dot to dot board game ever B) a quarter and a red dot bonding / playing catch koo C) Who the heavens to betsy knows or cares D) Trav's latest and greatest science experiment E) None of the above thank goodness
F) Actually, it's a grotesque pic of two of the four moles I had removed this past week-lovely, I know!!!
First and foremost, I want to send out a special THANKS to my g-pa and my parents for genetically inheriting all these 'BEAUTY' marks. I feel sooooo blasted lucky to be able to have them spewed all about my bod. I mean, if anyone would like to borrow one to stick above their upper lip, just give me a shout out for I've got oodles to share. This pic above all came about due to my recent visit to my dermatologist for my annual mole check. Boy oh boy was the dermatologist excited to see my spotted epidermis-imagine a little kid in a candy store-she loved it. Four moles later: two off my back, one off my shoulder and the last was taken from directly above my button on the belly. I am now as good as new (for the next six months that is). Any how, I just wanted to share with y'all my stinging and sorrowful pain. Yes, I'm accepting cards, cash, credit card payments, candy, etc. if you'd like to support me during this tragic time in my life :) Thanks for caring and sharing in the sick and wrong pic of my moles (or lack thereof)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm one silly goon!!!

The Rules: Mention rules on your blog -Tell about 6 quirks of yours -Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same -Leave a comment to let them know. #1 Having to check and Re-check if I unplugged my hot iron or the clothes iron. Even if I know 100% that I turned it off, I still have to check. It makes me looney, but I always imagine my hot iron catching my whole apt. complex on fire.

#2 When I go walking at work-I stuff my armpits with paper towels. It gets mighty hot here in TX and I don't want to have pit sweat for the rest of the day. It works magnificently and fyi the left perspires more than the right. Maybe I should stuff my boozies while I'm at it cuz we all know that they are in DIRE need of help!!!

#3 Eating in general—whether it’s bread, a hamburger, hotdog, chips, salad, burrito, ice cream etc.—I always must make the perfect bite. Thus, I don’t sauce up my food in one big sha-bam, rather, each bite is made to perfection. What a process it is, but my palate thanks me! I’ve been told that I’m entertaining to watch while I eat, I just think I’m weird!

#4 For the LOVE of Clorox wipes-I wipe down my work station daily with those little suckers. Yep, it’s a daily ritual-I start with my cell phone, move to the keyboard and mouse, then all the pens, the phone, the drawers and lastly my desk top. Not to mention my 40 oz. of hand sanitizer on my desk-I’m a germaphobe x’s 20 Just think about my cleaning at home……..

#5 I drink hot water! No tea, no coffee-HOT water. And you know what-I love it!!! This started on my mission in Maine. I was always cold so I drank hot water cuz it was readily available. At first it made me want to vomit, then I took a liking to it. YUM-summer or winter-I love it!

#6 I am really superstitious and MUST knock on wood or my own head. i.e. if someone asks how I’m feeling and I say fine—my fists automatically go to wood or my head. Side note: I must knock with the BOTH hands or else………

I am tagging: Dre, Heidi, Brooke, Karen, and whoever else wants to share their quirks!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Buddy Suprises

I was completely shocked and suprised when I got home to this fun suprise two days before my 27th (I'm getting up there darn-it)B-Day.
Trav was headed to Dallas for a one day work trip the next morning (Aug. 16th his 30th B-Day) and wanted to suprise me and celebrate our B-Days over the weekend, rather on Monday the 18th-NO complaints here!!
Look how cute he is--he had everything set up all Martha Stewart like. Check out the angles on those packs of gum, the candy nicely spread out........
He decorated with streamers and a Happy Birthday sign too. I know you're dying to know what was inside the bundle of wrapping paper that I held ever-so tightly in my arms. There was an adorable jacket and dress that was found. My hubby has great taste-I loved both items!!!Thanks for a GREAT B-Day suprise Trav-I LOVE YOU so darn much!!! P.S. the next day when he returned from Dallas, I also had a Birthday suprise set up for him. However, we managed not to take pics of it, thus, making me look like I'm an unsupportive wife towards Trav's B-Day. Not true, believe what you will-we celebrated his B-Day with flying colors!! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cruisin' in Style

It's about time now wouldn't you say?! Well, we would like to publicly welcome the newest member of the Hanson fam---my dad's old company car/our newly purchased 2005 SE 3.5 Nissan Altima. Okay I'm not savvy nor am I well educated in the area of automobiles, however, I know that I am utterly THANKFUL for this bundle of metal, leather interior, power locks (no more pulling muscles to reach across and unlock), trunk release, cd player, space, smooth ride---the works!!! Sheesh-I feel so spoiled by this upgrade and so snooty because we've never owned such a car (no offense to Leon our 2000 Salsa Red Neon). You best believe we will be cruising Slide in this puppy (equivalent to State Street) and I'm sure we will be getting oooooh's, awwwww's and whistles galore. In fact, I'm a silly one and have yet to put the petal to the metal. I'm not quite worthy of such an honor thus far, nevertheless, am working my way up to it. For now I will continue to drive Leon and leave Silver Sleekness to Trav. It is his new toy and he is loving and cherishing it to no end. P.S. the name of this car is TBA! and AMEN for two modes of transportation......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Contract and the Colorado

After eating ouselves silly in Dallas over the 4th of July, Trav decided he wanted to eat better. Thus, he wrote himself up a contract to do so, taped it to the fridge, and made it official by signing and dating the line marked with an 'X'. You know your husband is a nerdy law student when..........Any how, about a week and a half later it was our good friend Jeremy's B-Day. Jeremy decided to celebrate at the IHOP and brought his law school buddies with him. While at the IHOP, Travis ordered the pile of BARF AKA the Colorado Omelet pictured below. Hmmmmmm I'm no lawyer nor am I an expert on contracts, but wouldn't you say he definitely 126% all the way BREACHED that sucker?!?! I'm just throwin' this one out there-breached or honored-you decide.............. P.S. other partakers of this foul looking, artery clogging, pile of no good mumbo jumb were Harley and Dana. The flapjacks also are included with the pile of fun. FYI-1220 calories, 83 g of fat mmm mmm good, I know you're running out to get one now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember that one time?!?!

Here is a fun little game...Leave a comment on our blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time, or a long time, anything you remember would be wonderful!

Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

I'm excited to reminisce with y'all--so please lets here about some memories...... :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend #2 in Dallas

We took our 2nd trip to Dallas over the 4th of July weekend and boy did we LOVE it! We started off the the trip with visiting an old friend Catie that I grew up playing soccer with. It was so much fun catching up and meeting her family. We were able to go to fireworks with her and her hubby's extended fam. It was so much fun hanging out with a family, because we never get to be with ours. Thanks Catie, Jason, Ty and London!!

This is Catie's daughter London trying to teach me how to go cross-eyed. Truly, I have a deep down desire to be able to go cross-eyed and then do this lazy eye thing. I need to work on it because lets be honest, I'm terrible at it!!!

The Bergquist Family

After staying with the fam one night, we took off to stay in a hotel.

This is not our hotel, just a really tall building we parked in front of in Dallas. This is HUGE compared to the wimpy buildings in UT!

A favorite little restaurant that we found last time while in Dallas. We love it and would suggest it to anyone.
The Grapevine outlets food court---Gally, lots of people and lots of consuming!

Trav looking at his fave shoes-the one and only crocs. Not the best looking, but the most confy by far!!!

We also stopped in downtown Fort Worth and ventured around. Where else could you find a bush in the shape of a longhorn bull?!?!

Overall, we give our long weekend trip to Dallas a thumbs up. Darn, I hate coming home from little road trips, but I guess life must go on. Any how, we both really loved eating ourselves silly, firework shows, shwimmin', shoppin', and just spending quality time together. Thanks for the spectacular weekend LOVE You TRAV!!!