The Hanson Fam

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Buddy Suprises

I was completely shocked and suprised when I got home to this fun suprise two days before my 27th (I'm getting up there darn-it)B-Day.
Trav was headed to Dallas for a one day work trip the next morning (Aug. 16th his 30th B-Day) and wanted to suprise me and celebrate our B-Days over the weekend, rather on Monday the 18th-NO complaints here!!
Look how cute he is--he had everything set up all Martha Stewart like. Check out the angles on those packs of gum, the candy nicely spread out........
He decorated with streamers and a Happy Birthday sign too. I know you're dying to know what was inside the bundle of wrapping paper that I held ever-so tightly in my arms. There was an adorable jacket and dress that was found. My hubby has great taste-I loved both items!!!Thanks for a GREAT B-Day suprise Trav-I LOVE YOU so darn much!!! P.S. the next day when he returned from Dallas, I also had a Birthday suprise set up for him. However, we managed not to take pics of it, thus, making me look like I'm an unsupportive wife towards Trav's B-Day. Not true, believe what you will-we celebrated his B-Day with flying colors!! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cruisin' in Style

It's about time now wouldn't you say?! Well, we would like to publicly welcome the newest member of the Hanson fam---my dad's old company car/our newly purchased 2005 SE 3.5 Nissan Altima. Okay I'm not savvy nor am I well educated in the area of automobiles, however, I know that I am utterly THANKFUL for this bundle of metal, leather interior, power locks (no more pulling muscles to reach across and unlock), trunk release, cd player, space, smooth ride---the works!!! Sheesh-I feel so spoiled by this upgrade and so snooty because we've never owned such a car (no offense to Leon our 2000 Salsa Red Neon). You best believe we will be cruising Slide in this puppy (equivalent to State Street) and I'm sure we will be getting oooooh's, awwwww's and whistles galore. In fact, I'm a silly one and have yet to put the petal to the metal. I'm not quite worthy of such an honor thus far, nevertheless, am working my way up to it. For now I will continue to drive Leon and leave Silver Sleekness to Trav. It is his new toy and he is loving and cherishing it to no end. P.S. the name of this car is TBA! and AMEN for two modes of transportation......