The Hanson Fam

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleep is Presh!!!

This lump in the bed is Trav actually sleeping in-well worth documenting

A pic of me after awakening a fabulous night of REM sleep-ahhhhh how refreshing-the hair tells it all!!!

Okay, I know all of you will agree that sleep is precious and oh so very sacred. This past weekend-Memorial Day weekend-us Hanson's really enjoyed some well deserved rest. Trav, being the mornin' person he is usually is up and at em' on a Saturday morning at 6:30/7-ridiculous if you ask me. Thus, he was begged by yours truly to SLEEP IN so that I wouldn't get woken up and feel guilty for going back to sleep. Well on Saturday, he took me up on this offer. He actually popped some tylenol PM on Friday night so that he could surely sleep in. You know your husband loves you if he will take OTC sleep medication for you right?! Any how, I slept until 9:30 and Trav's tylenol, not to mention his 1st year law school sleep deprived body, kept him out until 10:45-wooooo hoooooo-mission accomplished!! This actually goes down in Hanson history as being the latest and greatest sleep time for me hubby. I should slip him more pills every weekend because sleep is precious and well deserved for us. AMEN and a special THANKS to all the people who put time and effort in to the creation of Tylenol PM-this Hanson record couldn't have taken place without you. However, my hair in the picture is a completely different story.............

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lack of blogging...

Lately, nothing exciting has taken place, thus no new posts. Until something does come up, enjoy these pictures. Anyone ever been this scared of something?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

One year of law school down, two to go! (And a semester of summer school in order to get a joint degree in financial planning). Also, Trav starts a great job tomorrow working for Westlaw, which is one of the two major legal research companies in the nation. The job will last up until the bar exam.
Have a great break because it all starts over in 9 days!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


While at Cam and Tia's weddin' our three bestest friends in SLC stopped by to celebrate our returning home to them. It was oh so FABULOUS seeing them-and it made us miss them incredibly. At least we were able to see them for the short time we did. They are such troopers for coming out to see us (but they truly benefitted from the experience-shrimp, ice cream bar, luxurious ambiance etc.). We miss them and dedicate this post to them--here's a shout out to the most fun, not to mention sexiest couples in the SL Valley!!! Love Ya Dre, Matty poo, Heidster and Mark Mark bo Bark -- P.S. CRUISE in March of '09 (Spring Break)-shlap it on your calendars now cuz it'll be here before we know it!! P.S. this is a FOR SURE THANG!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Weddin' in SLC

The Beautiful Temple in the shining sun-oh boy, the sun was deceiving-it was FREEZING COLD out there!
The Bowen Clan and the newly weds-poor Dax was sick and not enjoying taking pictures in the cold weather
Bridesmaids Galore
Post Temple Pic-I'm in shock and in a hypothermic state-trying to defrost from the oh so cold windy weather
Ahhh shucks, I'm defrosted at this point and we are the happiest couple of them all. P.S. My aunt does the best job on flowers-check out my bouquet-AMAZING!!!
It's a PARRRTAY-dancing and singing the night away
Still dancing and singing........
Dad stealing a kiss from his little girl
The cake had been cut, the dancing had come to a close, the reception was being cleaned up and it was still cold so yes, I turned to my jacket (that i wish were a coat) and my pj bottoms. They go great with the dress don't ya think?!

The Happy Couple saying their final goodbye!!

Here are just a couple pics of the joyous event. All I have left to say is that weddings are great, but are certainly crazy events. Congrats Cam and Tia--the BEST of luck to y'all!!!