The Hanson Fam

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guess who we met?

Last weekend Bill Clinton came to Lubbock, TX. Trav, being an AVID Bill Clinton (not necessarily Hillary) fan has always wanted to see him speak. Well, we did and it was an awesome and surreal experience. After listening to Bill Campaign for Hillary-2 hours mind you, he came out to where we were and started shaking hands. I was able to capture a little of it on my phone-not the best footage, but better than nothing. All in all, Trav and I were able to shake his hand multiple times, I also grasped on to his arm and gave a high five. "Good times, noodle salad!" P.S. if you'd like to hear me being impatient, ready to meet Bill-push pause on the music playlist

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Squeeky Clean and lovin' it!

For me, there's nothing like a clean apartment and or office. I have fallen in love with this product. They are simple little wipes containing clorox-a great cleaning agent and a touch of lemon that adds a little zest. These little wet sheets are my new obsession. If you didn't know, I'm quite the GERMAPHOBE (boy that's an understatement). I hate germs and get sick all too easily, therefore, am constantly trying to stay away from all germs. These little heaven sent wipes do just the trick. Every day before work, I give my office a thorough wipe down. From my computer mouse, keyboard, and the phone, to all my pens---I clean it all!!! Obsessed much, yes-but I haven't gotton sick for a good 4 months (knock on wood)!!!! Oh yeah, lets not forget about the 50 oz. bottle of hand sanatizer on my desk too :) Squeeky clean is the name and cleanin' is the game.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Everyday I take a small break during my law school studies and try and defeat the toughest boxers in the world. This is a collection of what I think are the most challeging. (The first fight with Bald Bull is pretty easy, the second time around is another story. Soda Popinski is pretty tough but nowhere near as tough as Super Macho Man and Tyson). What makes it even more difficult is having to use a computer keyboard over the original joystick. Anyway, many of you probably remember the old Nintendo days, back when video games were at their best. I missed them so much I downloaded all of them onto my computer, but most are too annoying to play without a joystick so I have stuck with Mike Tyson's Punch Out.