The Hanson Fam

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guess who we met?

Last weekend Bill Clinton came to Lubbock, TX. Trav, being an AVID Bill Clinton (not necessarily Hillary) fan has always wanted to see him speak. Well, we did and it was an awesome and surreal experience. After listening to Bill Campaign for Hillary-2 hours mind you, he came out to where we were and started shaking hands. I was able to capture a little of it on my phone-not the best footage, but better than nothing. All in all, Trav and I were able to shake his hand multiple times, I also grasped on to his arm and gave a high five. "Good times, noodle salad!" P.S. if you'd like to hear me being impatient, ready to meet Bill-push pause on the music playlist



Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

I LOVE your new blog template!!!

Andrea&Matthew said...

FINALLy!! i am obsessed w/ blogging and I want everyone to update on the daily!! Love you guys!

MJ said...

This is by far the worst footage I have ever seen ;) It doesn't even prove that you really saw him because it's just a blur and the only thing I can see are other people's heads. But I do believe that something was going on and that everyone there thought something was going on too. You're funny! I'd say "Go Republicans!" in response to your post, but then I'd be saying "Go McLame!" and I am just not ready to admit that yet.

Kat Curtis said...

This is Jeremy on Kat's account--very cool footage. It was funny to have the footage be so close. It made me feel like I was right there, which sort of stressed me out. I kept thinking, "They're gonna take the phone, watch out, they're gonna take the phone." You guys are great! :)