The Hanson Fam

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wallet, Keys, Colorful Words-what an experience!

I have been ill for the past 9 days with sinus rubbish-AWFUL-so finally I made a Dr.'s appointment and oh, some things happened at the appointment that just really put the icing on the cake. I get to the clinic, walk in and look in my purse; alas, my wallet is missing! I’ve been soooo out of it lately that I have no clue as to where it could be. I think and pray, “it must be on the seat in the car.” I weakly stumble out to the car and to no avail, it is not there. I am winded, thus get in the car and frantically call Jill at work to rummage through my office for my wallet-woooooo hooooooo-it’s there. I get my credit card number from her and then get up, get out of the car and shut the door as I think to myself, “my keys.” Yep, they are inside the locked door on the seat. I have NEVER locked myself out of a car. So a fast and awful reaction that comes out of me quite loudly with a bit of annoyance, despair, and an attitude to back it up, “Holy SH#@$T!” Right after this happenstance, I look over to see an old couple at the rear of my car merely headed towards Grace Clinic. Yes, two very old, very cute and very innocent elderly folks strollin’ along that are on their way for a check up. I think my colorful words suprised, disturbed and scarred them both; or at least that is what I got from the looks on their faces. Did I mention, the husband was pushing the wife in a wheel chair?! The wheel chair tops it off for me feeling ashamed, horrible, sorrow for my sins- you name it. What am I to do-no wallet, I’m sick, no keys, I’ve cursed in front of old folks, what next? I call myself to repentance then act fast and look at the back seat door thinking, “yeah right,” nonetheless I try it any way. “Holy Thank YOU,” this time Holy is followed by 'good' words and a little prayer of repentance-it is unlocked. Ordinarily the door would always be locked, however, thank goodness we’ve been driving one of Trav’s Law School buddies to school and he forgot to lock his door yesterday. Needless to say, he deserves a shout out-Jeremy, I love you!!! In the end, I saw the Dr.-in and out and got back to work almost within the hour. What an hour-or shall I say 5 minute span that was aye?!?! P.S. I'm feeling much better-thanks for caring!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Griffey Hits 600!

If I were to ever consider an athlete my “hero” it would have to be Ken Griffey Jr. I remember back in 1989 when I was in 5th grade and Griffey began his career with the Mariners. I remember my dad taking me to Washington to see him play. He’s been an incredible player to watch and now he has joined only 5 other players in baseball history to hit 600 home runs--and two of the 5 had to cheat to reach 600--GO GRIFFEY!!!