The Hanson Fam

Friday, November 13, 2009

Take a Look See at our Little 'Wiggler' Hanson

13 week prego shot---
Don't dis because I am completely showing (for my little self)!!!!
Tuh-Dah.....our healthy as can be little Wiggler!!!
It has my nose and Trav's long legs don't ya think?!
Ultra sound tech: 'Woa, your baby has long legs!!!' You can't tell in this pic because as you can see its legs are bent. Right now from head to booty measures 3.5 inches and the legs are a tad over 1.5 inches--5 inches total. It's getting so big! p.s. the little spot by the nose is the left hand sticking up giving 'guns up' for TTU.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkins and Butterfingers

Here Trav and I are carving away-Wilbur V-at the annual Gailan carve off. Thanks for hosting Kelli and Dana. We had a gay ol' time-pumpkins, candles, caramel corn and all.
Yes, Trav and I wear gloves whilst carving and de-goobering Wilbur's guts. Don't be hatin' on our fashionista style!!! Finito--Wilbur V in all his glory. In't he cute?!?!
Ward Trunk or Treat / Chili cook off
I was a shark with a killer homemade dorsel fin, while Trav was a Ducati biker man. Good times were had by all especially during the Trunk or Treat when I had a MAD CRAVING for a BUTTERFINGER. Oh yes it was met by some of the nice folks in the ward. Trick or Treat!!!!
Hope y'all had a Happy Halloween!!! :)