The Hanson Fam

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a SWEET yet BITTER weekend....

A few weekends ago Trav and I had quite the interesting roller coaster of a weekend. For starters, mother nature decided to go crazy on Thursday and it rained for a good 24 hours straight, dumping 9 inches of water into flat ol' Lubbock. Lets just say that I've never prayed so hard for my life as I did while driving home from teaching my Pilates class that night. However, due to the vast amount of rain (record breaking rain fyi) all classes at TTU and work at TTU was cancelled on Friday. Upon learning the heavenly cancellation news, Trav and I were already up and at em' in the wee hours of the morn, thus, we went out exploring our flooded city. This is a pic of the little lake aka drainage system at the end of our street. A bit overflooded don't ya think?!?!
The next morning, Saturday, bright and early, we were scheduled to get new carpet. Yes, after begging and pleading with our old apt. manager for new carpet, she never budged. However, when I found out we got a new manager, I called to ask once again thinking for sure she'd say, "too bad so sad." However, she said she'd take a look at our carpet and then decide. Needless to say, she called right after a quick walk through and was so disgusted and surely felt sorry for us, therefore, scheduled the new carpet. WOOOO HOOOOO-if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!! Any who, this is me basking in the new, lush, lovely, appetizing carpet. WE LOVE IT!!! Trav and I were both sooooo darn happy all day and night long due to the new carpet. I mean, free rain day Friday off, new carpet Saturday....we were on a roll........
Sunday, we get home from church and pull into our ASSIGNED covered parking spot and both remark, "oh, our neghbors got a new truck." There was a foreign truck parked in the assigned spot next to ours and we thought nothing of it. A couple hours later, I ran out to our neon to get something and looked over to see this disaster! Yes, we've had this car-Slick Willy, nickname Silver Sleekness, for less than a month. What the bloody 'H' I say?!?! Needless to say, we were both thoroughly upset and sick about this. The neighbors new truck hit us, or at least that was our thought. Nope, it so happens that it was some yahoo that was in our neighbors spot-a lame, disrespectful drunkard redneck I'm sure. Any how, they are off scotch free and we are stuck paying for this mess. Gotta LOVE people who have no heart nor integrity whatsoever. I hope this individual felt godly sorrow for their actions. Any how, what's done is done and I'm no longer bitter because clearly it won't change a thing. We've both let it go and just know that when life sucks, you must get a straw and by golly get over it!!!
Any how, this is the sweet yet bitter weekend we experienced a couple weeks ago. We are very fortunate and blessed and have been given trials here and there to mix things up. The moral is: don't hold grudges because it'll just make you mad while the situation at hand won't change. Accept it and decide to move forward. Life goes on and cars and such are just things that have no true value when it comes to our true happiness.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Should we get DVR?!

I have wanted this technological miracle for quite some time now. Yes I've dreamed about having it, but no I haven't wanted to pay for it. Any how, now that I am a fitness instrucor at the TTU rec. center I guess I can justify spending money on this little slice of heaven (even though Trav keeps telling me just to get it and no justification is necessary). I guess I'm just a cheap wad and don't want to fork out the dough. Any how, what do you think---- thoughts, comments and opinions are ALL WELCOME and MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Moley(s)

This is a picture of: A) the biggest dot to dot board game ever B) a quarter and a red dot bonding / playing catch koo C) Who the heavens to betsy knows or cares D) Trav's latest and greatest science experiment E) None of the above thank goodness
F) Actually, it's a grotesque pic of two of the four moles I had removed this past week-lovely, I know!!!
First and foremost, I want to send out a special THANKS to my g-pa and my parents for genetically inheriting all these 'BEAUTY' marks. I feel sooooo blasted lucky to be able to have them spewed all about my bod. I mean, if anyone would like to borrow one to stick above their upper lip, just give me a shout out for I've got oodles to share. This pic above all came about due to my recent visit to my dermatologist for my annual mole check. Boy oh boy was the dermatologist excited to see my spotted epidermis-imagine a little kid in a candy store-she loved it. Four moles later: two off my back, one off my shoulder and the last was taken from directly above my button on the belly. I am now as good as new (for the next six months that is). Any how, I just wanted to share with y'all my stinging and sorrowful pain. Yes, I'm accepting cards, cash, credit card payments, candy, etc. if you'd like to support me during this tragic time in my life :) Thanks for caring and sharing in the sick and wrong pic of my moles (or lack thereof)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm one silly goon!!!

The Rules: Mention rules on your blog -Tell about 6 quirks of yours -Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same -Leave a comment to let them know. #1 Having to check and Re-check if I unplugged my hot iron or the clothes iron. Even if I know 100% that I turned it off, I still have to check. It makes me looney, but I always imagine my hot iron catching my whole apt. complex on fire.

#2 When I go walking at work-I stuff my armpits with paper towels. It gets mighty hot here in TX and I don't want to have pit sweat for the rest of the day. It works magnificently and fyi the left perspires more than the right. Maybe I should stuff my boozies while I'm at it cuz we all know that they are in DIRE need of help!!!

#3 Eating in general—whether it’s bread, a hamburger, hotdog, chips, salad, burrito, ice cream etc.—I always must make the perfect bite. Thus, I don’t sauce up my food in one big sha-bam, rather, each bite is made to perfection. What a process it is, but my palate thanks me! I’ve been told that I’m entertaining to watch while I eat, I just think I’m weird!

#4 For the LOVE of Clorox wipes-I wipe down my work station daily with those little suckers. Yep, it’s a daily ritual-I start with my cell phone, move to the keyboard and mouse, then all the pens, the phone, the drawers and lastly my desk top. Not to mention my 40 oz. of hand sanitizer on my desk-I’m a germaphobe x’s 20 Just think about my cleaning at home……..

#5 I drink hot water! No tea, no coffee-HOT water. And you know what-I love it!!! This started on my mission in Maine. I was always cold so I drank hot water cuz it was readily available. At first it made me want to vomit, then I took a liking to it. YUM-summer or winter-I love it!

#6 I am really superstitious and MUST knock on wood or my own head. i.e. if someone asks how I’m feeling and I say fine—my fists automatically go to wood or my head. Side note: I must knock with the BOTH hands or else………

I am tagging: Dre, Heidi, Brooke, Karen, and whoever else wants to share their quirks!