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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Moley(s)

This is a picture of: A) the biggest dot to dot board game ever B) a quarter and a red dot bonding / playing catch koo C) Who the heavens to betsy knows or cares D) Trav's latest and greatest science experiment E) None of the above thank goodness
F) Actually, it's a grotesque pic of two of the four moles I had removed this past week-lovely, I know!!!
First and foremost, I want to send out a special THANKS to my g-pa and my parents for genetically inheriting all these 'BEAUTY' marks. I feel sooooo blasted lucky to be able to have them spewed all about my bod. I mean, if anyone would like to borrow one to stick above their upper lip, just give me a shout out for I've got oodles to share. This pic above all came about due to my recent visit to my dermatologist for my annual mole check. Boy oh boy was the dermatologist excited to see my spotted epidermis-imagine a little kid in a candy store-she loved it. Four moles later: two off my back, one off my shoulder and the last was taken from directly above my button on the belly. I am now as good as new (for the next six months that is). Any how, I just wanted to share with y'all my stinging and sorrowful pain. Yes, I'm accepting cards, cash, credit card payments, candy, etc. if you'd like to support me during this tragic time in my life :) Thanks for caring and sharing in the sick and wrong pic of my moles (or lack thereof)!


The Hancock Fam said...

Let me just say this- HOLY MOLEY!! But seriously, I really do feel your pain. I had 4 moles removed (thanks mom for them also) & it's no picnic! #1- my shoulder (big-un, still a bit of a triangular piece in the center of it cuz it was so deep, scrape harder doc!) #2-back of my hand. #3-back of my neck (this scar now looks like a tear drop gang banger tattoo) #4-my upper lip!!! oh no, no borrowing for upper lip for me, i just had mine taken off! lol. Let me just say, it's an experience getting a shot in your LIP & having it expand beyond all wildest dreams! OUCH!!!!! I hope they heal great for you! My lip one seems to be the only one that didn't scar at all. Thank goodness!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!

Kat Curtis said...

Moles are expensive. I had one removed from my back earlier this year, which turned out to be perfectly normal, but it was pretty pricey for a piece of skin! Jeremy's had a few very scary moles removed, and should probably get his other moles checked out before they become a problem. Well, happy healing! :)

Tia & Cam said...

oooh lovely. we send out best wishes for your speedy recovery! we probably need to get cam in there for some work, it's been about 5 years since he's gone. you two and your moles... i think it's cute :) were they cancerous? god speed!

Randy & JoAnna said...

Ok! ENOUGH of the bashing of the parents for passing on our wonderful genes! My mother is the one who gave them to me!!
I hope you are going to be ok! Do I need to bring a meal in???
You guys look good! Keep in touch!