The Hanson Fam

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sorry I've been such a slacker and a half as far as blogging is concerned. I'd give the excuse that I'm a new mom and have little to no time, tis true true, but what a LAMO excuse at that. Our friend Kendal snapped some fab shots of Mer Mer a couple weeks back and this is a little taste of the ones that turned out. I say 'turned out' because it took us TWO photo shoots to get these (thanks Kendal for being so patient). Kendal was sick the first couple weeks of Mer's life and we had to postpone pics, thus, in the mean time she became a bit too old for taking new born pics and screamed bloody H.E. double hockey sticks through the whole shoot. Not to mention, she tinkled and pooh poohed all over me and everything as well. When you gots to go, you gots to go photo-op or not! Overall, I've decided that Mer is not one that loves being in the lime light. Any how, we are loving our lil' wiggle worm, peanut, Boolicious, fuss-nut and her endless energy, fun-lovin', spunk, loud screamin' lungs and her adorable demeanor. We are thrilled to death she is ours and she's a keeper. Now if she'd only start napping regularly and sleeping through the night................