The Hanson Fam

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess who's piggies these are?!?!

Every Monday I get an ultrasound just to make sure that all is well and dandy with our little babes. This past week the ultrasound tech was doing her thang and all of the sudden said, 'DANG, your little girl has LONNNNNNNG toes!' Yes siree, check out those long piggies!!! Her feet definitely take after Travs. I hope she gets his long legs stubby legs and long toes really wouldn't go. I am, however, still hoping that she'll get my nose. Trav's toes and legs + my nose=one cute little baby.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

finally an update!!!

Our new home in progress--we are thrilled to move out of our apt. come May!!!
31 weeks and FINALLY able to fit into my one pair of maternity pants-yee ha! Still can't wear maternity capris though.....not big enough yet

Yes, we are alive and well!!! No one would know because we've been M.I.A. from this here blog for some time. I must say, things have been a touch crazy these past few weeks for us. A couple weeks ago I started having contractions every 5 minutes for 4 days straight. Not good! I was put on bed rest for 5 days and then was cleared to go back to work. I'm now on what I call 'booty rest'. Basically I go to work and am on my booty all day long and then go home and do the same. It gets tiresome sitting around, but I'll do anything for our little girl. Any how, my body is all too sensitive right now and doing anything sets off contractions. I also decided not to head home to UT for my showers as well...BOO....but it's definitely the wise and comfortable decision for me and the babe.

As of now, I am seeing a high risk OB two times/week and my OB once/week. I have two stress tests, an ultra sound and any other test, shot, etc. they deem necessary weekly. This sounds awful, but truly it's a blessing. I'm so thankful for my Dr.'s and nurses here-they are GREAT!!! All in all, everything is looking up. This whole time the baby has been super healthy. It's just my body that is not cooperating. They think I contract because I'm so small, thus, my body is contracting so it can grow. Due to me being so small, I feel every contraction. Thus, I'm on meds that help my contractions to lessen and my body to relax. Thank the heavens because my contractions are a lot less intense now. I'm still contracting 1-4 times/hour, but that is 'normal' for me and will take place up until birth. I do, however, have to go off of my meds at 34 weeks and hope and pray this baby will not come shortly thereafter. We need her to bake until at least May!!!

Overall, I'm still loving pregnancy and am so blessed to be able to carry this baby. At 7.5 months, I'm finally looking prego, got major cankles for 3 days straight (thankfully caused from a lung steroid shot for baby-are back to normal again), fit into maternity pants for the first time and Trav and I can't believe it's almost time to have this little wiggler. Yeah, we are thrilled, but want her to stay put until May.

Lastly, we want to thank all of you for your support and prayers. These complications have been stressful, but we have been blessed and have felt so much support and love from so many of you. Thank you!!! It has truly meant the world to us.