The Hanson Fam

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Run in with the Po Po-what a JERK!!!!

Two days ago I experienced A COUPLE of FIRSTS:
*I was pulled over by the Po Po-Yep my first time EVER because I'm a granny driver!!!
*My first ticket!!! Yes siree, no warning, but a ticket!!!!
This police officer was such a JERK too.....let me give you a mere glimpse of the situation........

I was the last car bumper to bumper behind four other cars at a red light. Green light-we all turned right and proceeded on a highway.........

Clearly all the HUGE trucks (yes I live in TX) gained grounds on our good ol' salsa red, no guts, neon. I was TRYING to keep up and go the flow of traffic and then a motor cop lets all the four trucks fly by and turns on his lights for me!

me: officer I'm sorry, I didn't know I was speeding....I've NEVER even been pulled over. EVER!
Po Po aka Jerk: License and Insurance.....that's your registration, not insurance!
me: I should know better my husband was a cop for 8 years, I'm sorry.
Jerk: I clocked you at 15 over--here's your ticket
me: 15 over, no way......(it was a 'construction zone' that hasn't had any construction done on it forever) I have a question officer. I was going with the flow of traffic, what about all the cars ahead of me that gained about 4 car legnths on me? Science states they must've been going faster..........
Jerk: no they weren't, I clocked you!
me: tear tear, sniffle sniffle, mad as all H#LL could be!!! I drove off.

Now I ask you, was I speeding or was I the easy target because I was the last in a line of five cars that were supposedly speeding, therefore, the EASIEST and SAFEST target for the jerk to pull behind?!?! I believe the latter! Not to mention, there were two other Po Po's with this jerk that didn't even flinch an eye at any of us so called 'speeders'!!! I know you're wondering......$209! Yep, I love the irony-I've NEVER been pulled over, but the first time I do I get no warning or slack, rather am hit HARD!! When I got back to work my boss asked what the Po Po looked like, "a BIG A$$ H*LE!" was my response. Watch out for those AH's!!!!