The Hanson Fam

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ladies-please tell me I'm not alone!!!

My Adorable Hubby
I love my hubba bubba so darn much and because of this, I am constantly looking out for for his best interests. For instance, if his hair is getting too long (draping over his ears) and looking shabby-I constantly remind him that: A) I need to cut it and B) he should be using product. I mean, I have just about every type of hair serum from anti-frizz to gels to oils to pastes-you name it. Thus, I'd love it if when Travbo decides not to cut his hair, he'd at least style it. His hair has such potential, but really Trav does not take advantage. Thus, I make mention, "maybe you should use this product in your hair...." hint hint. Then when he doesn't get the hint (always), I try to physically help him out-serum in hand going for his noggin. ALAS, he won't allow it! Why, I knoweth not!!! I'm only trying to HELP, rather hinder. As I'm only trying to HELP him NOT wear a brown belt with black shoes, the same old ragged-bleached (surely you've seen it) hoody over and over again when he's got tons of new and MUCH better looking ones in his closet. Not to mention, the much too thick eyebrows that I'd love for him to surrender to me and my pluckers.....ETC. Now I ask, am I in this alone? Am I being a too overbearring, fashionista wife or do you as wives also pester your hubby's and help them out with their appearance? Please do indulge me. I mean, one of the only tips Trav will take from me other than the 'no brown belt with black shoes' rule, is if I tell him he has a boogie hangin out of his nostril-he'll swipe it. Other than that, he's somewhat stubborn and won't take my fashion sense (and really I don't have too much of that myself, but more than him at that) and apply it. So how 'bout it ladies-give me some inspiration here por-fa-vor!!!!

Oh he's such a trooper and such a cutie!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 56th Birthday to the Best dad EVER-Douggie Boy!!!

Dear Dad--Thanks so very much for all that you do for Trav and me. You are honestly the BEST!!! We love and appreciate you oh so much. You are such a silly, fun-loving guy. Keep up the great work, but don't work too hard. This year do less projects and have more fun. Always remember, you are the fizz in our coke, the lint in our belly buttons, and the cherry on our sundae-You are the BEST!!! Happy B-Day dad-here's to another FABULOUS year!!! P.S. your real card is on it's way in the mail!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Nephews, Two Nieces, and a Blessing

Kaden-Trav's older brother Jared and his wife Brittany's son. They live in GA, thus, we NEVER get to see any of them :(
Emery and UsEmery is Trav's little brother Josh and his wife Angela's little girl

Dax and me
Shae-she was born on Dec. 30thTrav and I had a WONDERFUL time while visiting in UT over the Christmas holiday. One of the things we did that we thoroughly LOVED was meeting our new nieces Emery and Shae and babysitting Dax. It's so hard being away from them!!! Sheesh, they grow up so darn fast. Dax is such an explorer and is always saying something silly and random, "Dax, how old are you?" he replies, "hang glider (from baby einstein), a seal says arrrr arrrr." He is such a crack up. Little Emery is so adorable and Trav had the great opportunity of blessing her the Sunday before Christmas. It was such an amazing experience for him and I must say I enjoyed it too. He said he sneaked a peak during the blessing and Emery was just bright eyed with a huge smile. Lastly, thank the heavens that my sis-in-law, Brooke, went into labor before the new year and had little Shae. We loved meeting her as an infant, rather an eight month old, which will probably be the next time we get back to UT. All in all, we LOVE our nieces and nephews so much, miss not being able to play with them weekly, and are so happy to have them! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know, I know!

Hello everyone! I do realize that it is no longer the Christmas season and that my blog is still SCREAMING out Merry Christmas, ho ho ho, all i want for Christmas is you, and so forth. SORRY, I'm a little preoccupied with working full time and catching up with real life in Lubbock, thus, I haven't been focused on my blog. With this said, I promise to update it soon because really there is no excuse as to why I can't.

P.S. GO UTES-what a FABULOUS game!!!!!!