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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Nephews, Two Nieces, and a Blessing

Kaden-Trav's older brother Jared and his wife Brittany's son. They live in GA, thus, we NEVER get to see any of them :(
Emery and UsEmery is Trav's little brother Josh and his wife Angela's little girl

Dax and me
Shae-she was born on Dec. 30thTrav and I had a WONDERFUL time while visiting in UT over the Christmas holiday. One of the things we did that we thoroughly LOVED was meeting our new nieces Emery and Shae and babysitting Dax. It's so hard being away from them!!! Sheesh, they grow up so darn fast. Dax is such an explorer and is always saying something silly and random, "Dax, how old are you?" he replies, "hang glider (from baby einstein), a seal says arrrr arrrr." He is such a crack up. Little Emery is so adorable and Trav had the great opportunity of blessing her the Sunday before Christmas. It was such an amazing experience for him and I must say I enjoyed it too. He said he sneaked a peak during the blessing and Emery was just bright eyed with a huge smile. Lastly, thank the heavens that my sis-in-law, Brooke, went into labor before the new year and had little Shae. We loved meeting her as an infant, rather an eight month old, which will probably be the next time we get back to UT. All in all, we LOVE our nieces and nephews so much, miss not being able to play with them weekly, and are so happy to have them! :)

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Fairbanks Family said...

That's awesome Trav got to bless Emery, she is such a cutie. Nieces and nephews are a lot of fun. I'm glad you had a great time while you were here.