The Hanson Fam

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nappin' in style

Merika has finally started nappin'-can I get an aMeN and HaLLeLuJah!!! Anyway, the other day her 'sleeping bag' as we call it, was in the wash. Thus, nap time panned out like such:

Trav: Corbo, where is Mer's sleeping bag?
Me: It's in the wash. Just put one of her hoodies on her for now. They are in the right hand side of her closet hanging up.
Trav: Okay
***A couple minutes later Trav exits Mer's room......
Trav: I got Mer ready for her nap. When daddy is in charge, he has the say so.
Me: uhhhh, okay. Thanks for putting her down babe.
***A couple minutes later.......
Trav: Don't you want to go check on the grrrrrr? Daddy put her down.
Me: I'm thinking you want me to check on her so I will-what's the dealio.....

Mer's usual sleepin' bag, which was in the warsh
And this is what I found:
Mer all bundled up in nothing less than a chick-a-dee costume. HiLaRiOuS! Mer was sound asleep and lovin' every minute of it. I know, I know, her face is covered....don't call child services, after taking this pic I unzipped it a touch so her face wasn't covered. She did not suffocate during this here nap.
An hour later she awoke and stared up at us thinking, 'what the H@## am I doing in this chick-a dee getup?!' Nah, she loved every moment of it.

Next time around when her lil' pink inviting sleeping bag is in the warsh, we will definitely pull out the chicken. There's nothing like getting some much needed zzzzzz's in a chicken suit. I'm thinking of making one for myself. Maybe. Nope I won't. Any how, Happy Nappin' all!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hanson Happenins

Mer sportin' her happy harvest outfit has an EXCITING announcement to daddy PASSED the Bar!!! Yippee Ki-YAY!!! (A special thanks to granny debbie for the outfit!)
Meet Travis Hanson, Esquire AKA my awesome stud muffin. He has taken the oath and is an official Texas Lawyer.
His business partner and good friend, Todd, joined us for the grand swearing in ceremony.
Our newest buddy Judge Hatch introduced Trav at the ceremony.

As you can see, we have experienced some exciting happenings lately. Trav passed the Bar-PHEW and a holla woot woot-and also landed an amazing job. He is a lawyer for TTUHSC (HSC is the Health Science Center). He started his job last week and is really enjoying it. It's weird to say, but we just might be perma Lubbockites. Yup, we always swore up and down when we moved here that we'd only be here for 3 years and then we'd up and leave....but look at us. We really love Lubbock and have no qualm whatsoever with staying (other than the wind and bad allergies). Overall, we are so fortunate that Travio was able to land this stellar job, are counting our blessings and are fixin' to enjoy LBK a touch longer than expected. p.s. thanks to good insurance, I get to start allergy shots-yay.

Now onto our lil' Mars Mars Bo Bars. She is getting so big. She's almost 7 months old and is a tad over 13 lbs. What a heffer aye?! She's long and lean-5th percentile weight and 50th height.

She's not one for sitting on her bum bum, she'd rather lock her lil' leggies as straight as a board and stand all day long.
Check out these here chubby bubby thighs
These pics are deceiving because she really doesn't like her bumbo all too much-DaRnIt- I soooo wish she did. She will sit in it for about 2 minutes and then she'll try/succeed in boot, scoot and boogying her way out of it.
Boy oh boy do we love our little worm. She brings so much happiness, giggles, joy and love to our lives. Not to mention sleep deprivation, loud crying and lots of drool. All in all, we couldn't ask for more in a lil' munchkin. We heart you Mer and are so thankful for you!