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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

24Hour Stomach Flu or 'Other'-which would you prefer?!


*24 Hour Flu-this is how I feel and am sharing this per Trav's statement to me (see below) For starters, I know this is a sick (literally) and wrong question to ask, however, please read on because I am extremely curious about all of your answers. For starters, along with my 1.5 months of back pain, my health certainly took a mad rollercoaster ride this past week.

*Saturday Nov. 15th: woke up in the morning with a large and painful rash on my belly and back. I thought a bug enoyed a fresh salad aka flesh bar of me!!

*Monday Nov. 17th: while getting dressed I noticed a painful lump

*Monday Nov. 17th 9 am: Dr. Appt. I'm told that I have *shingles and a cyst that must be removed the following Monday!*one of the worst things ever and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy!!!
*Saturday Nov. 22nd: the UTES beat BYU--this definitely boosted my morale!!!

*Sunday Nov. 23rd - Monday Nov. 24th: 3 am start puking my guts out and don't worry the BIG 'D' accompanied it. Go big or go home right?! This took place until 8:30pm-sheer torture I tell ya. I also rescheduled my cyst removal.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and her co-worker was with her. My mom shared my ailments with her and she stated bluntly, "If she was a horse, she'd be taken out back and shot!" In turn I responded, "I wish I was a horse!" :)

Okay, I know that is a lot to digest right?! Any how, as I suffered one of the longest weeks and then days of my life (or so it seemed) with the 24 hour flu, I was thinking to myself would I rather be in this much torture for 24 hours straight or experience the 'other'. 'Other' being sinus infection, common cold, bronchitis-I've had them all. Side note: I don't remember the last time I had a cold, with me it's always a full blown infection, thus, lasts me a good 5-7 weeks to get rid of. I will take this into account upon my decsion and vote for the question I now pose to the rest of you......if you had to chose, would you rather suffer throught the 24 hour flu or 'other' ? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know!!!

I would ask my hubby this same question, but he's only experienced a couple broken bones and strep throat once in his life-he was 7! Maybe this is why he took pics of me crying while in a sickly state as he helped me to bed after 17 hours of throwing up and the Big 'D'. He stated, "you'll love looking at these later-you'll laugh!" Then on Tuesday afernoon he noticed how skinny I was looking and said, "we should all get the flu before Thanksgiving-what a great diet!" Lastly, the first time I had the 24 hour flu this is how Trav and my conversation went:

Trav: What is wrong?

Me: I've been throwing up all night long

Trav: Why don't you stop?
Me: I have the 24 hour flu, thus, it will hopefully stop in 24 hours

Trav: Since when do you get to decide how long you are sick for?! (he was serious-he's NEVER sick and illness is foreign to him-he's learning fast being married to me though)

P.S. can you tell he's never experienced the 24 hour slice of sheer HELL!?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crashing the BSC Party for the Second Time in 4 Years!!! Go Utes!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Need I say more?!.........

I think this picture speaks for itself!Bring it on.............

GO UTES!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's official-I am a 'special' freak!!!

Gotta love my hubby that takes pics of me while I'm in excruciating pain! He did give me a massage shortly thereafter though. Love ya babe!
A pic of normal lower lumbar vertebrae-notice how many........About three weeks ago my back started hurting. I've never had any sort of back injury so I thought nothing of it. That Thursday rolled around and as I have done for the past couple of months, I taught my Pilates class. MY BAD-understatement at best!!! I must say, that was the last straw that broke the camel's back or better yet mine! Any how, I suffered greatly for the whole next week and then finally gave in and went to the chiropractor. "Just RELAX," he says, as he crunches all of my bones and cranks my neck from side to side. Yeah, lying on a table with my little feeble body at his disposal is such a soothing and relaxing thought. Any how, my way of relaxing at the chiro is non-existent! My anxiety is off the charts-p.s. I hate hearing people around me popping any joints, thus, clearly have a phobia of the chiropractor and his mission of 'adjusting' me. My armpits, palms, and even my feet sweat due to the vast amount of angst and nervousness I encounter in his office! Alas, I cooperate and my back is doing MUCH better! In the end, I have been adjusted twice, was told that I strained my lower lumbar muscle and in turn it caused my muscles to spasm all the way up my spine on either side. Oh yeah, I also found out I am a freak of nature and have 6 rather 5 lumbar vertebrae. The more the merrier right?! This extra lumb (nickname) gave me one extra inch of height-per my chiro. I could've used about 4 more of them darnit!! Also, only about 3/100 people have 6 lumbs, thus, I feel extremely fortunate, special, and am oficially a freak!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and the RED RAIDERS!!!

Happy Halloween-I asked Trav for a tattoo and he gave me a lightening bolt. Thus, I guess I ended up being Harry Potter on Crack!
Onto more important matters! We had a bunch of our friends over for the TTU vs. Texas game. This pic was taken during the first half. We were all very happy and having a gay ol' time. How could we not for we were all scarfing down really good food and TTU was well on their way to a victory. Wait, what happened next--TTU pretty much forgot to show up the second half, thus making us all stress out and get down right upset. I believe I remember hearing someone say this particular statement when TTU was losing by one point with one minute left, "that's it, if TTU loses NONE of us are going to church tomorrow-cross yourselves now!" Wait, that was me-I then crossed myself and turned all focus to the game-sweaty palms and armpits, you name it-tense, nervous...... HELLO-Harrell to Crabtree-the famous duo pulled it off with ONE second left!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO-the pic above is my finger giving a TTU is #1 with 1 second left.
This is me FREAKING OUT-boy that's an understatement. All of us were ECSTATIC!!! We were happy for TTU and that we were attending church the next day of course..... Compare our smiling faces in this here pic to the first---we were all superbly stoked at TTU's victory. GUNS UP to the #2 ranked RED RAIDERS!!!!