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Friday, November 14, 2008

It's official-I am a 'special' freak!!!

Gotta love my hubby that takes pics of me while I'm in excruciating pain! He did give me a massage shortly thereafter though. Love ya babe!
A pic of normal lower lumbar vertebrae-notice how many........About three weeks ago my back started hurting. I've never had any sort of back injury so I thought nothing of it. That Thursday rolled around and as I have done for the past couple of months, I taught my Pilates class. MY BAD-understatement at best!!! I must say, that was the last straw that broke the camel's back or better yet mine! Any how, I suffered greatly for the whole next week and then finally gave in and went to the chiropractor. "Just RELAX," he says, as he crunches all of my bones and cranks my neck from side to side. Yeah, lying on a table with my little feeble body at his disposal is such a soothing and relaxing thought. Any how, my way of relaxing at the chiro is non-existent! My anxiety is off the charts-p.s. I hate hearing people around me popping any joints, thus, clearly have a phobia of the chiropractor and his mission of 'adjusting' me. My armpits, palms, and even my feet sweat due to the vast amount of angst and nervousness I encounter in his office! Alas, I cooperate and my back is doing MUCH better! In the end, I have been adjusted twice, was told that I strained my lower lumbar muscle and in turn it caused my muscles to spasm all the way up my spine on either side. Oh yeah, I also found out I am a freak of nature and have 6 rather 5 lumbar vertebrae. The more the merrier right?! This extra lumb (nickname) gave me one extra inch of height-per my chiro. I could've used about 4 more of them darnit!! Also, only about 3/100 people have 6 lumbs, thus, I feel extremely fortunate, special, and am oficially a freak!!


Dave & Chels said...

Oh, I SO know what you are going through. (Just read my latest post if you are wondering.) I, too, have never suffered back pain and it is miserable. I knew my body would start breaking down one day, but I was thinking I would be in my 60's or 70's - not my twenties!! I will never take my back for granted again.

Kat Curtis said...

Yikes! Back problems are the worst (in my opinion). I used to get really bad spasms in my back muscles and I literally couldn't move. I think a couple of times Jeremy actually had to physically move me from one place to another because I couldn't do it myself. I haven't had problems since I started lifting more weights last year. Yoga and pilates are no-nos for me though -- even if I do everything right I still end up in fits with my back.

Happy 6th lumbar, by the way! :)

MJ said...

Hey, Kemery has and extra one too. Hooray for you guys and your crazy backs. I hope your back feels better. There is nothing worse than a paper cut and back pain.

The Doyles said...

oh Corbo, I too suffer the angst that back pain provides. Marks brother in law is a Chiropractor at the Tree House Gym and so I see him once a week (I otherwise wouldn’t go) However, it does help my back pain. FYI I’m planning some fun date nights for us upon your arrival in SLC. Get well so we can get KRUNK.