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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and the RED RAIDERS!!!

Happy Halloween-I asked Trav for a tattoo and he gave me a lightening bolt. Thus, I guess I ended up being Harry Potter on Crack!
Onto more important matters! We had a bunch of our friends over for the TTU vs. Texas game. This pic was taken during the first half. We were all very happy and having a gay ol' time. How could we not for we were all scarfing down really good food and TTU was well on their way to a victory. Wait, what happened next--TTU pretty much forgot to show up the second half, thus making us all stress out and get down right upset. I believe I remember hearing someone say this particular statement when TTU was losing by one point with one minute left, "that's it, if TTU loses NONE of us are going to church tomorrow-cross yourselves now!" Wait, that was me-I then crossed myself and turned all focus to the game-sweaty palms and armpits, you name it-tense, nervous...... HELLO-Harrell to Crabtree-the famous duo pulled it off with ONE second left!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO-the pic above is my finger giving a TTU is #1 with 1 second left.
This is me FREAKING OUT-boy that's an understatement. All of us were ECSTATIC!!! We were happy for TTU and that we were attending church the next day of course..... Compare our smiling faces in this here pic to the first---we were all superbly stoked at TTU's victory. GUNS UP to the #2 ranked RED RAIDERS!!!!


Peterson's said...

Looks like fun. But not as fun as the real one was!

Kat Curtis said...

Hey - where's the picture of Carrie that was supposed to be a group picture? I'm sure she'd love for you to post that one for everyone to see. I'm glad your group picture taking didn't jinx the game - it was close though. Thanks for letting us watch over at your place - you guys are great!

sam and brittney said...

Love love the pics!!

Andrea & Matthew said...

looks like a good time! I love a nice tense game!

Erin said...

That was a HECK of a game...I was SO glad Tech won. Best game of the year so far. I will definitely be cheering for the Red Raiders (and their LDS coach...surprise, surprise!) the remainder of the season. (For poor Michigan fans like myself, it's been a rough year...nice to have something to cheer for!)