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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

24Hour Stomach Flu or 'Other'-which would you prefer?!


*24 Hour Flu-this is how I feel and am sharing this per Trav's statement to me (see below) For starters, I know this is a sick (literally) and wrong question to ask, however, please read on because I am extremely curious about all of your answers. For starters, along with my 1.5 months of back pain, my health certainly took a mad rollercoaster ride this past week.

*Saturday Nov. 15th: woke up in the morning with a large and painful rash on my belly and back. I thought a bug enoyed a fresh salad aka flesh bar of me!!

*Monday Nov. 17th: while getting dressed I noticed a painful lump

*Monday Nov. 17th 9 am: Dr. Appt. I'm told that I have *shingles and a cyst that must be removed the following Monday!*one of the worst things ever and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy!!!
*Saturday Nov. 22nd: the UTES beat BYU--this definitely boosted my morale!!!

*Sunday Nov. 23rd - Monday Nov. 24th: 3 am start puking my guts out and don't worry the BIG 'D' accompanied it. Go big or go home right?! This took place until 8:30pm-sheer torture I tell ya. I also rescheduled my cyst removal.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and her co-worker was with her. My mom shared my ailments with her and she stated bluntly, "If she was a horse, she'd be taken out back and shot!" In turn I responded, "I wish I was a horse!" :)

Okay, I know that is a lot to digest right?! Any how, as I suffered one of the longest weeks and then days of my life (or so it seemed) with the 24 hour flu, I was thinking to myself would I rather be in this much torture for 24 hours straight or experience the 'other'. 'Other' being sinus infection, common cold, bronchitis-I've had them all. Side note: I don't remember the last time I had a cold, with me it's always a full blown infection, thus, lasts me a good 5-7 weeks to get rid of. I will take this into account upon my decsion and vote for the question I now pose to the rest of you......if you had to chose, would you rather suffer throught the 24 hour flu or 'other' ? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know!!!

I would ask my hubby this same question, but he's only experienced a couple broken bones and strep throat once in his life-he was 7! Maybe this is why he took pics of me crying while in a sickly state as he helped me to bed after 17 hours of throwing up and the Big 'D'. He stated, "you'll love looking at these later-you'll laugh!" Then on Tuesday afernoon he noticed how skinny I was looking and said, "we should all get the flu before Thanksgiving-what a great diet!" Lastly, the first time I had the 24 hour flu this is how Trav and my conversation went:

Trav: What is wrong?

Me: I've been throwing up all night long

Trav: Why don't you stop?
Me: I have the 24 hour flu, thus, it will hopefully stop in 24 hours

Trav: Since when do you get to decide how long you are sick for?! (he was serious-he's NEVER sick and illness is foreign to him-he's learning fast being married to me though)

P.S. can you tell he's never experienced the 24 hour slice of sheer HELL!?


Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Oh my gosh--we had the SAME thing! Were you still at the Smiths' when I threw up on their patio?? Out of NOWHERE when we left the game, out it came. We got home, same thing with Stone. Then I threw up about 4 more times and Cliff threw up once the day after. But then we were completely better. Same thing, same night. Hmmmm.

Kat Curtis said...

Yuck -- how about neither? I guess if I HAD to pick between the two, I'd probably take a week of sinus infection misery to the barfy flu. Sinus infections are awful, but I really, really hate throwing up. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I'm sorry about all you've been through. Knock on everything that we don't get what everyone else seems to be getting!!

BBB said...

You get sick more than anyone else I know. Maybe in the womb Cam got all of the immunities from diseases.

BBB said...

PS - I'm really sorry that you've been so sick!

Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

I know it--I got dealt quite the hand right!?!? I also take care of myself 10 times better than Cam or Brand and here I am a sickly gal-PATHETIC I tell ya! Everything happens for a reason and I'm excited as ever to be resurrected one day-NO MORE PHYSICAL AILMENTS!!!!

MJ said...

I swear, family parties have turned into "What's wrong with Cori now" stories. The difference between you and everyone else in our family, is you actually get sick. The rest of us are hypochondriacs. I was sad to hear about your latest ailment from your mom on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we aren't going to the Bowen family party this year. We'll be at my in-laws. So you won't be the only one left out. I'm excited for you to come home for Christmas.

The Doyles said...

Corbo my poor girl, I choose "other." In personal experience (which is a lot) I have come to think stomach problems trump any illness on the planet. So you were inflicted with both a cyst and stomach flu with accompanying rash....hells bells! Ill pray for you. See you in 2 weeks!

Randy & JoAnna said...

Hi Cori!
Sorry to hear about your horrible hell week! Did you stop to think that maybe the reason you were sick is because you were rooting for the Utes?? That's enough to make anyone sick. I don't think it was the 24 hr flu, I think it was Ute Flu! Sorry to say there isn't a cure for that.
At any rate, i don't wish that on anyone and hope that you get feeling better! Love your blog!
Keep smiling....

K. Elizabeth said...

Since the 24 hour flu almost caused Sara to come at 33 weeks instead of 37, I choose 'other'.

Kelli said...

Oh Cori!!! You poor girl! I hate being sick. Hate Hate Hate! I hope you are feeling better this morning. At least your team won:)

THE YOUNGS said...

Cori! I love your blog! I am sorry you are sick. We are dealing with the same 24 hour flu here! It has gone through all of us and it really sucks. I honestly would pick the other sickness you mentioned. Nothing worse than the stomache flu!

Cody and Brooke said...

An internship in LV this summer?!!! Are you kidding me??? I read that and was so SO excited. Old best friends back together again, how fun would that be? Oh man, push for LV Cori! Let me know what is the latest with that. I know Cody would love to hang out with Travis as well!!!!!

THE YOUNGS said...

My parents still live in Cottonwood Heights by the rec center. We moved about 20 min. away just 8 months ago. I did still work out there until then. I love that place and always will-don't know why-it's nothing huge, just childhood memories i guess! That is neat you are coming for xmas. How long are you here?

Tay and Teigan said...

hope you're feeling better! are you going to make it home for the holidays at all?