The Hanson Fam

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Don't we all just LOVE this time of the year!?!?! On the BRIGHT side, in one week it will all be over with. Until then, the BEST of luck to all you guys!!! In my books y'all are a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER-now get back to studying........... oh and P to the S- DON'T be so hard on yourself!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 years home from my mission!!!

Below is the Portland Head Light-I spent 3 hours doing service every Friday at this BEEEEAUTIFUL lighthouse. This is why I'm obsessed with lighthouses!
Happy 5 year anniversary to me!!! I've been home for 5 years from my mission and boy have the years gone by in a flash. Some of the things I miss about my mission are:
  • the amazing people
  • the strong accents--also everything ending with an 'er' sound--Santer Clause, Pizzer, etc.
  • the quaint homes/architecture-wrap around porches, shutters, etc.
  • the freshest sea food-haven't had any since! It's not the same if you're not on the coast!
  • the FALL FOILAGE-it's God's country in the Fall--AMAZING!!!!
  • Moxie-the best soda pop out there!!!
  • Needhams-it's pretty much a mounds candy bar on steroids--soooo tastey!!!!!
  • I'm a true Maineiac at heart and LOVE Maine!!!!!

On the contrary, one thing I DON'T miss is the FREEZING COLD piercing through my winter coat, boots, and long underoos!!!! Winters in Maine are a cold miserable JOKE!!! I don't miss that!

Here's a shout out to my mission--I love you Maine and was happy to serve for 19.5 months!!!