The Hanson Fam

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkins and Butterfingers

Here Trav and I are carving away-Wilbur V-at the annual Gailan carve off. Thanks for hosting Kelli and Dana. We had a gay ol' time-pumpkins, candles, caramel corn and all.
Yes, Trav and I wear gloves whilst carving and de-goobering Wilbur's guts. Don't be hatin' on our fashionista style!!! Finito--Wilbur V in all his glory. In't he cute?!?!
Ward Trunk or Treat / Chili cook off
I was a shark with a killer homemade dorsel fin, while Trav was a Ducati biker man. Good times were had by all especially during the Trunk or Treat when I had a MAD CRAVING for a BUTTERFINGER. Oh yes it was met by some of the nice folks in the ward. Trick or Treat!!!!
Hope y'all had a Happy Halloween!!! :)


Peterson's said...

I'm glad you guys dressed up. There seemed to be a lack of adult participation in that area this year. Awesome!

britt and jacob said...

i loved the guys know how to represent!!! looked like some serious pumpkin carving!!! love it!
love ya., beep bop