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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Everyday I take a small break during my law school studies and try and defeat the toughest boxers in the world. This is a collection of what I think are the most challeging. (The first fight with Bald Bull is pretty easy, the second time around is another story. Soda Popinski is pretty tough but nowhere near as tough as Super Macho Man and Tyson). What makes it even more difficult is having to use a computer keyboard over the original joystick. Anyway, many of you probably remember the old Nintendo days, back when video games were at their best. I missed them so much I downloaded all of them onto my computer, but most are too annoying to play without a joystick so I have stuck with Mike Tyson's Punch Out.


Hanson3 said...

I tagged you both now you need to answer these Questions on your blog, and tag some of your friends.
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marta said...

miss cori, somehow i landed on your blog and remembered you coming to chat at great harvest, we went to school together and it turns out we're both putting our hubby's through law school!! hope all is well with you. you are a doll.