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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got TAGGED!!!

All things 8.... I am tagged...
8 Favorite TV Shows (in no particular order)
1. The Office
2. Americas Next Top Model
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. House
5. American Idol
7. Oprah
8. E!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. La Frontera-smothered burrito with cheese & side of rice!
2. Maglebys-oh those parmesan rolls are to die for!
3. Marketstreet-UT and TX
4. Rubios-fresh salsa
5. Richs Bagels-Asiago cheese
6. Rosa's-fajita platter and queso!
7. In N Out Burger-YUMMMMMM
8. La Salsa

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Froze my tooshy off in the cold rainy weather!
2. Gave Kendal the finger for scaring the willys outta me-she deserved it!!! J
3. Exercised
4. Went walking in the rain-2 jackets, umbrella, etc.
5. Cleaned my bathroom6. Read more on the $700 billion bailout
7. Broke my paper shredder at work--whoopsies, it was a piece-o-crap anyhow!
8. Shnuggled up to Trav while sitting by the heat dish and watching the tube

8 Things to Look Forward To:
1. Christmas Break in SLC-let the sleeping in, eating, parties etc. begin!
2. This weekend-I live for weekends!
3. 5pm-work is over and I get to see Trav at the rec. before we workout
4. Halloween—I love it!!! Carving pumpkins, baking the seeds, eating endless amounts of candy corn…….
5. Thanksgiving!!! A top Holiday in my book!
6. Christmas Music-Amy Grant’s CD is the BEST!
7. A trip to Mexico or a cruise-anyone, anyone…….
8. Mine and Trav’s Friday night date-dinner, shnuggling, and a movie!

8 Things I Love About Fall:
1. The leaves changing-however, not so much in Lubbock
2. Pumpkin Carving
3. Wearing hoodies
4. The smell of the air
5. Warmth of the heat dish
6. Shnuggling with Trav
7. Hearty cooking/comfort foods-lasagna, soups etc.
8. Bundling up

People to tag: Anyone who wants to share 8's!!!!


Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Okay, perhaps I deserved the finger, but I'd do it again to see your face. Ahh, I totally left out In-N-Out on my list. Helllo. That's one place we're looking forward to when we go to AZ for Thanksgiving. And how could I exclude AI from my list of shows?! Hello, we only talk about it every Wed and Thurs during the season.

Anyways, fun post to read. And did I tell you yet that I love your background?

Andrea & Matthew said...

fun! I am going to do that post! Whatever happened to vacation plans anyway??? I can't wait til you come up for Christmas break, we need to plan a big night, big party, big celebration that goes till 6 in the morning:)! We need our fix.

The Hancock Fam said...

So.. when can we schedule the Mexico/cruise trip?! SERIOUSLY!

Chelsea Peterson said...

love the blog! Here's ours: