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Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend #2 in Dallas

We took our 2nd trip to Dallas over the 4th of July weekend and boy did we LOVE it! We started off the the trip with visiting an old friend Catie that I grew up playing soccer with. It was so much fun catching up and meeting her family. We were able to go to fireworks with her and her hubby's extended fam. It was so much fun hanging out with a family, because we never get to be with ours. Thanks Catie, Jason, Ty and London!!

This is Catie's daughter London trying to teach me how to go cross-eyed. Truly, I have a deep down desire to be able to go cross-eyed and then do this lazy eye thing. I need to work on it because lets be honest, I'm terrible at it!!!

The Bergquist Family

After staying with the fam one night, we took off to stay in a hotel.

This is not our hotel, just a really tall building we parked in front of in Dallas. This is HUGE compared to the wimpy buildings in UT!

A favorite little restaurant that we found last time while in Dallas. We love it and would suggest it to anyone.
The Grapevine outlets food court---Gally, lots of people and lots of consuming!

Trav looking at his fave shoes-the one and only crocs. Not the best looking, but the most confy by far!!!

We also stopped in downtown Fort Worth and ventured around. Where else could you find a bush in the shape of a longhorn bull?!?!

Overall, we give our long weekend trip to Dallas a thumbs up. Darn, I hate coming home from little road trips, but I guess life must go on. Any how, we both really loved eating ourselves silly, firework shows, shwimmin', shoppin', and just spending quality time together. Thanks for the spectacular weekend LOVE You TRAV!!!


The Hancock Family said...

How cute..! Hey, let me recommend you to an expert "Cross-Eye-To-Lazy-Eye" lil' lady.. My Kya Pearl is the BEST at that! lol I'll have to post a pic for you to gander at.. funny stuff. I'm glad to see you fellers doin' so well. Good job! Love ya Miss ya.. Tell Trav "Hullo" fo me too, I don't know if he reads the blogs too? LOL.. if he's like Shawn, it's a forceful act on my part.

The Doyles said...

Looks fun! Im sure you both needed some fun and getaway time. I wish we could do these sorts of things day when everyone is done with law school right!? We miss you and cant wait for March to arrive.

Tay and Teigan said...

Looks like a great trip! Glad you got to spend some time together. Your mom just dropped by the BEST dinner ever. She is so nice.

The Hancock Family said...

Corbo..! Isn't Jade's truck totally awesome!? He got it from Kadee's husbands family's (lol) inpound yard for $100. Twas a drunken Mexican's truck. Hence the name.. lol. As for ma hair, Shawn loves it, the cut was actually his idea.. then of course I must color it several times a year to please myself. ha... I LOVED your short hair by the way- I don't care what Trav likes. lol

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Looks like a fun trip!! Glad you guys had a fun time! And cute blog layout!!

J & S Hales Family said...

That's so cool you hooked up with Catie and picked up from where we left off ten years ago! Sounds like lots of fun!

Your clothes in your blog heading match the template perfectly, did you plan that? :)