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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Kiddish Taste Buds

Slicing of the turkey

I know that we all have those treats and foods that we ate when we were little that we still have a hankering for. My hankering is no longer for the cheese injected hot dogs (but they still are good), rather, a short stack consisting of crackers, cheese, and turkey. Some might call it a home made lunchable, I call it a circus in my mouth!! I love this heavenly little stack of yumminess. In fact, I eat this cracker feast on a daily basis for lunch. My kiddish taste buds never get sick of it. Travis, along with all my co-workers, find this hillarious because it actually involves preparation and lots of order. First, I cut all the turkey in little square-esque pieces. Second, i use string cheese (a food of the gods) and string out the perfect size for each little cracker. Also, I must add that I use Thin Triangular Shaped Triscuits and throw in a pretzel, ritz or saltine every now and then. Then, when the feast is in order---I EAT!!! Yummy-I LOVE this dish. It's definitely a FAVE of mine. It's just one of the great foods and orderly Quirks that I have. How about you...any kiddish feasts taking place on your palate?

Stringing of the Cheese

The Finished Product-organized, even portions and mmm mmm good!


Andrea&Matthew said...

haha! you crack me up girly! What's funny is I remember you eating that all the time at the buckle, and now I like to indulge in the same meal!! I like pepperoni...just to switch it up, you know!! I'm calling you THIS WEEK!!! I swear!! no school-spring break, so I'll have a minute to spare!

MJ said...

I do this too! I remember doing this when we were younger. That and making Thanksgiving garbage bag indian vests. Do you remember the lunchables with the herb sauce? Well if you liked it, try using your mom's dill dip with your lunchables. It's so yummy. I'm so bugged because I want to make these right now and I am out of crackers. Snap!

J & S Hales Family said...

That is so you! We had some weird combinations back in the day, my favorite- carrots with pretzels. I also love string cheese with my favorite crackers in the world... Milton multigrain (from Costco). They used to be big circle crackers, but now they redesigned them and they are smaller and sqare. Oh well, still taste the same.

K. Elizabeth said...

I love Spagetti O's - can't get enough!