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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Dallas

After attending church in Dallas, we decided to go into the big city and look around a bit. This picture does a huge injustice to how HUGE Dallas really is. All the same-here's one small glimpse of it.

HOPPY EASTER--this is us attempting to make our mouths the shape of an Easter egg.

This is an exciting time on our Dallas trip. We go to the drive thru at McDonald's and Trav is expecting a disappointment. For some reason, TX McDonald's don't carry his spicy mc'chicken sandwiches like they do in UT. Well, not only did this McDonald's carry his fave sandwich, they ONLY had the spicy ones. Look at the light in his eyes and the excitment in his smile. I tell you what-it's kinda like Christmas morning for this here heart attack in a sack.

We also went to the 6th floor museum where J.F.K.'s assassin shot him from (the 2nd window down on the right). This was a really neat experience. It was interesting learning all of the theories behind what "really" happened.

"X" marks the spot where J.F.K.'s convertible car was when he got shot. This would have been so surreal to have been there when it actually took place.

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Fairbanks Family said...

That is so cool, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.