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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Galleria Mall

Our hotel in Dallas was right next to the Galleria mall. This is a 4 story mall containing over 150 stores, tons of restaurants, and an indoor skating rink in the middle of it all. Who'd thunk it to put a skating rink in a mall-crazy!?

Showing off my ice skating skills-practicing on land before ice.
Look at how cute this guy is.
From time to time, we'd take breaks from walking around the mall and just chill on the nice couches they provided for tired tourists like us. P.S. We LOVED Dallas and look forward to going back ASAP!!!

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Kat Curtis said...

Hooray for Dallas! They actually have skating rink in the mall by my parent's house too - maybe it's a Dallas thing? I loved the Zoo pictures. We went to the Dallas Zoo over Christmas and the Ft. Worth Zoo over Spring Break. Can we say 14,000 people? You guys picked the right spring break zoo!! :)