The Hanson Fam

Friday, May 28, 2010

We Came, He CoNqUeReD!!!! LAW GRADUATION....

Travio holdin' his head up high just before walking the red carpet (Law Graduation Hollywood style) and being hooded.

The Proud Wife

The Guys jumpin' for JoY!
Trav endured his three years of Law School with a FAB slew of guys. There were lots of laughs, lunches and breaks taken at the 'truck stop' and good times had (amongst hours of studying and exams of course).
The Gals!
The wives and supporters of the guys. We've all become sooooo close.
The crew
These here folks are nothing short of family and are some of our closest friends!!! From the numerous 'get your guns up' Red Raider football parties, hang outs, holiday parties, Thanksgiving dinners-you name it-we've done it all!!! We love these peeps so darn much and it's oh soooooo hard saying goodbye! However, it's not goodbye, rather, 'see ya later'.
Time truly has flown by for us here in Lubbock. Lubbock, though the wind is rather ANNOYING and cockroaches crawl freely, has certainly grown on us like we never imagined it would. It seems like we just moved in....3 years we are loving it and are staying even longer. We are thankful for this past chapter and the friends we've made and look forward to the next.


little moma (Summ) said...

congratulations, what a huge year for your family!

Hanson3 said...

Dang Cori! You got your little figure back fast!!! After baby body? What's that? Not for you!!! :)

Tay and Teigan said...

Congratulations Travis! And Cori! It really is a team effort :). What a year y'all have had!

Brooke Bowen said...

Congrats to both of you! We are proud to have another Lawyer in the family Travis! Best of luck studying for the BAR!

Andrea said...

holy crap how time has flown! congrats to both of you!!

Tia and Cam said...

congrats you guys! now start phase two... :)

Micah and Emily said...

A hardy congrats to the graduate. What an accomplishment! Best of luck with the next phase!