The Hanson Fam

Monday, May 10, 2010

SHE is HERE!!!!

Merika Corinne Hanson
Born April 18, 2010
5 pounds 18.5 inches
She's our lil' peanut and we love her to death!!!
Ahhh the miracle of life!
Wrapped up warm and cuddly

Already showin' her true colors because we were disturbing her quiet time.
Got Binki?!?!

We love you Merika!!!


Michelle Nielson said...

Aww she is soo beautiful!! And tiny! Congrats!! :)

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Finally a post!! I just can't wait to see her now that I'm all better!!

Kurt and Kristy said...

That first picture is so sweet! Isn't that the greatest moment!? She is such a cutie!

Nicole said...

Congrats!! She is so cute and tiny.

debbie said...

I miss my little peanut and I'm so jealous that dad will be able to be there this weekend w/o me. Love you all!

Cade + Tosha said...

oh my! i love the binkie picture! it makes her look so small! what a cutie! congrats to your cute little fam!

Melanie said...

She looks so great and healthy! I hope you are still feeling well!

Mike and Tycie said...

Awe! Congratulations Travis and Cory - she is absolutely beautiful. I love that picture of Cori holding her for the first time - thats a priceless moment for a mother!!!
Cori be sure to post how the labor and delivery went from start to finish!!!
♥ your cuz -

Courtney said...

oh she is so beautiful! Congratulations!

U Pesci Fet d'a Testa said...

She is beautiful! Newborns aren't supposed to be that gorgeous! Miss you guys -- can't wait to get back to Lubbock and hold her some more!

Brooke said...

AH!!! Congrats! I am a month behind, so sorry! But, she is beautiful and that first picture is so amazing, touching.. love it. Congrats!!!