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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My wish list for when I get better!

No secret to anyone, I've been sick 28 days too long, but who's really counting?!?! Any ways, as I sit here with a sore jaw due to cranking it over and over trying to relieve a tad bit of pressure from my ears and head, I'm thinking to myself all of the things I want to do when I get better. Here are just a few in no particular order:
  • enjoy DAY LIGHT SAVINGS and actually notice that day light savings took place....a month ago right?
  • take pleasure in EATING something TASTEY, rather having to eat to stay alive when everything tastes like SNOT
  • go on a SUPERB date with Trav and have a blast
  • BELLY laugh
  • EXERCISE--swim laps, elliptical, run, walk, teach Pilates
  • sleep like a ROCK at night rather waking up every hour
  • Go to church---it's been ALL TOO LONG!!!!
  • Drink the BIGGEST diet coke on tap with Trav at Market Street
  • Cook a STELLAR dinner and bake some cupcakes
  • Appreciate every minute of healthy living
  • Visit all of my friends and see their new little babies
  • GAIN weight....again.........
  • Enjoy/feel BETTER this weekend-I've been telling myself this for the last 5 weeks! This is the week though.....please..........

This is my list for now. I'll stop even though I have many many more ideas and desires. Not too shabby of a list though if I do say so myself!


melissa mae said...

WOW.that's a long time to be sick! I'm so sorry. hey, I have a question. I'm interested in teaching fitness as well. how did you get into it?

Micah and Emily said...


I was so happy to get your comment...I hate to think of your vibrant bubbly personality unable to show its true colors because of illness...I think your immune system may be weakened from a lack of pumpkin mallow consumption...just a thought!

Yes, I strongly hold to the rule that if you must drink wine it absolutely positively must be alcoholic....preferably a red honey wine.....ahhh, I hope you get to feeling better SOON...we'll send a few prayers your way!


Micah and Emily said...

I forgot to mention the most important thing.....Yeah, chop it off...short hair revolution!!!! I went butch again over the summer and LOVED every minute of it...every now and then though I need to grow it out so I can cut it short again!

GO FOR IT!!! it, do it, do it!!


Jeff and Diana said...

corbo i am so sorry that you are so sick! feel better and gain some weight!
that's awsome you teach pilates. i love pilates!

BBB said...

I'm so sorry that your still feeling sick! I thought you had kicked it. I will say some prayers for you.

THE YOUNGS said...

Feel better Cori! So sorry you are sick! That REALLY sucks! Hope you get better soon...spring is coming and you better be ready for it! Yay!

Jared and Shelby said...

All right already, get better!!!! Brooke mentioned you'd been sick- I'm sorry you've been so miserable!

Angela Hanson said...

Cori! Sorry you haven't been feeling good! Thats not fun at all! Hope you are starting to feel better! We miss you!

K. Elizabeth said...

Does this mean you're coming to visit me?