The Hanson Fam

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our first Texas Thanksgiving

My mom did the bulk of the cooking, but I did help out a bit.
It was my year to learn how to cook all the Thanksgiving goods.

My dad carving the turkey--
this is his yearly task.
Cam hanging out, wondering
when the grub will be ready.


BeckyRuss said...

Sure love the Bowen fam (and you and trav of course)! You guy's look like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sure miss you guys down there in Texas. Call us when you come in town over Christmas--Love you guys!!

P.S. I loved the blog a while back about Trav going to Costco to get his pizza once a week here in UT--you can't beat Costco food--it rocks! The pizza from Sam's Club that Trav was eating looked really sad--We'll think about Trav next time we stop by Costco.

BBBowen said...

we missed you guys! It looks like you had a great time though. We'll see you for Christmas!

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

how fun!! and your blog looks soooo cute!

BBB said...

Wait... how did my dad get to your Thanksgiving dinner in Texas? I swear I saw him in Salt Lake that day?...
:) PS - Per your more previous post: It was a fantastic football game.