The Hanson Fam

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sam's club Does NOT compare to Costco

Back in good 'ol SLC Trav loved going to Costco. He would go there a good 4-5 times every week. He loved getting a slice and a coke and then just walking around to see what all was new in the store. However, when we moved to Lubbock we found that there was no Costco. Therefore, we actually gave in and got a membership at Sams Club. I'll be honest, at first we felt like traitors, like we had committed a major sin. However, we are getting use to the fact that we have no other choice and are now somewhat accepting Sams. Needless to say, when we are home this Christmas, Trav will most-likely go to Costco daily for a slice, a coke, and some good quality time that he's missed out on these past months. Sams Club, sad to say, is ghetto but it's the closest Trav has to Costco so he goes and enjoys his greasy slice and coke once a week.

Look at this happy guy---if he's this happy with Sams extra greasy pizza, just think how happy he is at Costco!!


BBBowen said...

I actually haven't tried Costco pizza but I'm going tomorrow so I'm totally going to get a slice. Have you ever tried one of their churros? It's to die for! Costo is great!

Steve & Marissa said...

i miss costco too! it is great! also, i am so happy we are on your fav things to read! that makes me feel special.. also, i am not ditching you at hte gym. i needed to do some primary things today after work. i guess im busier than i thought. we need to catch up.