The Hanson Fam

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tis HERE!!!!

THE B-A-R!!!!!!
After LoNg and GrUeSOmE hours and hours of studying, stress induced acne, headaches and cold sores the BAR is here!!! Let's not forget all the reading, note card making, memorizing, lectures, lack of family time, fun and life in general. Thank the heavens and then some the dreaded bar is finally here. Tis this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I know Trav is just as thrilled to take it as Mer and I are to have him take it. He's worked so hard, has been so diligent in preparing and is such a smart cookie that we know he will ace this succa. This studying has been such a bur in our booties and we are StOkED for him to get 'er DONE!!! GOOD LUCK babe-put on your 'Lucky Bar Exam' t-shirt and kill this thing! Mer Mer and I are rooting and praying for you all the way. Nothing but LOVE, huggins and a good game slap on the toosheroosky! I love you Travio and am the proudest wife in these here Southplains.


Kurt and Kristy said...

Good luck!! Make sure you guys go out and celebrate that the studying is over !

The Benavides Family said...

you are so funny. :)
Good luck to Travis!

Nicole said...

Good luck Travis, you'll do great!