The Hanson Fam

Friday, August 21, 2009

Viva La MeHico

Hola! Here's to sharing just a tid bit of our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with you, our amigos. While we were there we:
had many great adventures with these two silly willy's
woke up to this gorgeous site every morn! A special shout out to the Mayan Palace for the lovely sites and amenities during our stay.

this view too-Marina Vallarta

indulged in some tastey Coke Light (much better than Diet Coke) and tons of the BEST Mexican food!!! Did we get sick of fresh salsa and chips...NO!!!walked a wee bit down town-sweat a wee bit too

partook of bread-we all got some snacks at a store and dad bought a huge loaf of bread. you go douggie boy!

swam our hearts content at the fabulous Mayan Palace poolsenjoyed gorgeous sunsets-a little less talk and a lot more action!swam in the ocean-BEEEEEAUUUUUTIFUL and perfect temp. H2O

played with monkeys-p.s. it didn't break wind or poop on me

did I mention we relaxed at the pool and beach?!

bring me two pina coladas.....YUM! we ordered them virgin, but in Mexico you never know......

zip lined through the rain forest

played with a Boa Constrictor. It had a crush on Trav and was giving him a little smooch in this pic. Trav was very hesitant to jump in and hold the fella with me. I mean, we're in Mexico, what could go wrong?!?!****THANKS MOM and DAD!!! We had a BLAST and are looking forward to our next adventure :) We love you two silly folks.


Peterson's said...

looks like you had tons o'fun!

Angela Hanson said...

Love the monkey but I can't believe you held a snake! Yikes! Looks like you 2 had a blast! We should plan a trip together sometime!

The Hancock Fam said...

Ya, bring us along too!! I NEED TO LEAVE UTAH (& US) SOMETIME IN MY LIFE! ok, I'm better now.

Looks amazing. Please don't touch anymore snakes. GROSS.

ps- it's good to see Trav lost the tie.

BeckyRuss said...

I'm so jealous you got to go on such an awesome trip! I love Mexico! Hope you guys are doing well-we wish we could hang out with you guys on the weekends. Corbo-you look like a hot mama in your bathing suit--Trav is a lucky guy:) Love ya!

debbie said...
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Melanie said...

Okay, we are jealous...someday we'll take a vacation like that! Glad we found each other in the bloggingsphere!