The Hanson Fam

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Church Calling

Trav and I are ward missionaries. What a great calling!!!


Cody and Brooke said...

Hooray, you started a blog. So, where do I start?! Seriously! You and your husband are adorable and young in love. You are so gorgeous and petite, my heck! You're tiny. You ought to put up some wedding photos. Anyway, how's Texas? I've been meaning to write you and ask how you are or where you are because it's been forever since I sent you my last email ;)

BeckyRuss said...

Yeah!! We can now be blog buddies! I love all the pics--they make me so happy. I think the best pics are the one's of the mullet. No offense--but that is one horrible haircut. What was that girl thinking? I could do a better job! Anyways--we miss you both and wish you continued fun in Texas. Go Trav with the studying--You can do it--we have faith in you! We love you guys! Love--Russ and Becks

Steve & Marissa said...

so, how is the apt? you should write about your apt stories!